Halloween Traditions and Customs Guides

October 31st

Halloween Traditions, A place full of Halloween goodness, and including haunted places for the UK and US. Halloween Traditions is your ultimate place for all things related to This spooky night, From haunted places to Supermarket Halloween range. We have guides and history behind the most popular icon creature surrounding Halloween, including guides to trick or treating safety and pumpkins.

We love Halloween and if you do come join us on the seasonal forum, Talk about your beloved holiday and share your tips and tricks and even follow ideas of other like-minded enthusiasts.

Halloween History

All Hallows' EveRead the History about Halloween and learn why it’s a big tradition in the UK and the U.S.

Trick Or Treat Safety

Trick or treat safety tipsAre you new to trick or treating? Before you begin to buy costumes, be wise to read over the Trick or treat safety.

Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkin HistoryHalloween Pumpkins Are an iconic status for Halloween, Learn its history and the story behind them.

UK Halloween Price Guide

supermarket halloweenLooking to spend your money more wisely this Halloween? Try the UK Supermarket Halloween Price guide. UK Supermarket Halloween Price Guide.

Halloween Ideas

Halloween Decorations and Props

Best Halloween tips and tricks on how to make your spooky home look mystical.

Spooky Beverage and Food

Bloodthirsty drinks of cheeky alcoholic and non-alcoholic kind, and grub fit for the devil himself.

Halloween TV, Movies & Ads

From the very best Halloween adverts and the horror of the year.

Halloween Events

Dancing jacks to the gloom of a lantern, places to go at that special mystical time of year, Browse our haunted Places directory.

Halloween Crafts

Crafts hacks and tips, get creative this autumn time of the year.

Creepy Games

Funny addictive Mobile games, party games, Desktop games, traditional board games. All with a spooky twist.

Halloween Costumes and Props

Bring Halloween cheer, to whom and all. With these DIY posts and bring creepy to all.

Supermarket & Warehouse Halloween Highlights

Halloween in supermarkets is one of those things you need to check out and grab the spooky bug. Look no further then these posts, we have them all listed for you to browse at the comfort of you chair this Halloween.

Halloween Bats

Halloween BatsRead why we associate Bats for Halloween and what the Celtic thought that represent.

Halloween Werewolf

Halloween WerewolfThe Halloween Werewolf story, and why we associate it to Halloween.

Halloween Ghosts

Halloween GhostsGhosts have been known for many names. find out more about them.

Halloween Witch

Halloween WitchRead our guide to Halloween Witch and why they are in the top iconic status for Halloween.

Halloween Vampires

Halloween VampiresRead the history of Vampires and no we are not talking about a twinkling twilight vamp.