200 days to go Halloween Facts

200days to halloween

We are fast approaching all hallows eve and its time to get our magical minds working for this years trick or treat.

There are only 200 days left and here are 2 facts to get you in the mood. Follow our blog, page, or our network twitter. And be dazzled with what you can do this halloween.

200 days to go
Halloween Facts

It is said, the reason why we dress up and ghouls and ghost, Originated from the ancient celts, there traditions was to disguise themselves from animal bones and skin, to protect themselves from wandering spirits on Samhain.

Jack O’Lanterns came from an irish legend, of a man named jack, Who tricked the devil several times, Has the story goes, He was denied entrance to heaven when he went to hell he got refused. The devil told him. You are condemned to wander the earth, and only item you shall take is a lanterns and a piece of coal from the fire of hell itself. This lantern would steer people away from their destined paths.

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