Asda Halloween 2015

With autumn around the corner and Asda Halloween online items updated, that means one thing and one thing only. Halloween. Yes, that favourite time of the year and there is no exception when you look at what ASDA has to offer for 2015. Looking at their price range there are a vast few good items worth buying, Its not going to be long before they have sold out of their most favourable items.

Our job, today is to highlight our most favourite Halloween stock. Since Halloween falls upon a Saturday for 2015 It will be interesting to see what will be left on Saturday night.

Here is what we feel for ASDA Halloween. We wowed at it all, the feel and colour you get when you open that link is almost palpable. You can see there are plenty of new items online and especially more party side than anything. That’s because Asda know customers are going to party harder and better with this Halloween falling on a weekend.

So we will start off with the most liked and most favorite out of the bunch, sit back relax and happy Halloween shopping.

ASDA Halloween 2015

pumpkin-cupcake-stand-hallacc118_lgthree-tier-cupcake-stand-HALLACC65_lgFirstly we choose the Halloween Cup Cake Stands, Both 3 tier, at £4.99 and £5.99 They are good for the cupcakes and mini muffins, even odd small cakes, and they are a nice centre piece to a table full of halloween food.


Halloween-Mix-Confetti-HALLCONF12You have three choices when it comes to the table confetti, a variety mix, Halloween Friendly Mix and Shocktails Mix, Each are a bag of 14g and at £1.55 each. These make an ideal standard table to a spooky one, be advised though not ideal for little kids who will pick them up and throw them on the floor.


Halloween-Spray-Centrepiece-HALLDEC430_lg To top off your decorated food table, This mighty and cool Colourful cascading foil halloween spray table centrepiece at £3.99 each 2 would be beneficial for a massive effect among all the items.


halloween-party-balloons-HALLBALLW_lg Nothing in a hallowene oparty is complete without balllons, There is plenty to choose from ranging from £2.49 6pk to £8.99 for a 25pk.



Asda Halloween 2015 Bloody-Plastic-TablecoverLast but not least let’s not forget our Plastic Tablecover and we choose the Bloody Tablecover as it gives that full effect when full of confetti and food. That Halloween chill is coming on right now.


Moving away from the party items, we will look more closely at the makeup and costumes, As Halloween is not complete without joining in as playing the dead, witch wizard or a ghoul. we all remember when we were young getting old rags and the makeup from the general store.

Well, my Halloween fans Asda has a variety of Halloween makeup ready to paste into your face and the top it off some very nice costumes at hand. There is plenty to show you, so we have picked out the top few.


Day-of-the-Dead-Makeup-Kit-FACE273Want to make an impact with creativity this year I would suggest you try your hand at Day of the Dead Makeup Kit at £5.99 for each kit. you can agree that it is money better spent putting effort into something amazing.


Asda Halloween 2015 bite-me-mutilation-kitOh my why not add that bit, making you look like the dark creature of ASDA Halloween have bit into your neck. A very cool effect for any Halloween night and to make it look very convincing with you costume. The Special Effects Makeup – Bite Me Mutilation Kit is £2.99 and there are plenty of other kits to browse.


Asda Halloween 2015 walking-dead-bleeding-zombie-mask-MASK682We have to admit the ASDA scary grew some mask look extremely brilliant this year, they all vary in price, and the effects on them look really convincing and add that super effect to any costume you wear. We choose Halloween Fancy Dress Masks Walking Dead Bleeding Zombie Mask at £2.99 But don’t let our choice hold you back there are plenty to choose from, And I’m sure ASDA will neatly place it out in a row for you to choose wisely.


Nothing is truly Halloween until you have decorated the entire room, and garden We have picked up the most we like, put there is plenty to browse and choose from. Mainly indoors here are some truly awesome ASDA Halloween decoration to take into consideration, depending what Halloween theme you have chosen, these should work with the choice you are going for.


Asda Halloween 2015 creepy-carnival-hanging-swirls-CCARHANGFirst up the creepy clown swirls, now if you can hold the thought of horrid clowns these will work, some people are scared of clowns so be warned not a lot of people will be glad you add them. If you are having a party please ask you guests if they are ok with clown pictures before buying. There are a fair few items with clown images on and varied in prices, These Creepy clowns and skeleton Hanging Swirls – 60cm are at £3.99 for a 12 pk.


zombie-window-decorations-HALLDEC246We found it really hard to choose the best doors and windows decoration, we though they was all equal so we will say take a browse at them all and buy what you need as if it was up to my other half, we would buy them all and have access. They are all reasonably priced and would look great on the night near your front door kitchen, toilet and living room. and where ever else you think they would be a Halloweenish impact.


Asda Halloween 2015 Glitter-Spider-and-Web-DecorationThese Glitter Spider and Web Decorations are ideal for windows and doors even walls, They make it look really full and give that massive Halloween effects to any home, If you buy a fair few of these say 3 -5 of them and dotted around the house then you have a winner from us. This pink Glitter Spider and Web Decoration is £1.99 each but make sure you browse the rest as they can be just has equal to our choice.


Asda Halloween 2015 Squeeze-Po-tongue-Voodoo-toyAnd we have something very cool this year, and we think they are ace. Asda Halloween 2015 toys, little tinkerers, take these Squeeze Po-tongue Voodoo toy at £1.99 or the Neon Spiders £3.75 for a 12pk these toys would be a good benefit for any Halloween party bags mingled in with sweets or chocolate for Halloween or a nice cauldron centrepiece.


So to sum up all of the above, we have chosen our best picks, and all this is entirely down to you to choose you own. But we can all agree that Asda this year is a very good place to visit for Halloween, As much, I would like to thank ASDA for bringing out a fantastic range of Halloween goods this year. So much more you can find all of the above here on their website.

We will update if we find any more super cool items and in the meantime why not let us know what you are planning or have bought from ASDA Halloween 2015 range.

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