Bubbling Drinkable Potions Themed Science

Bubbling Drinkable Potions Halloween Themed Science party, Not only will these looks absolutely ace on your decorated halloween table, they are also insanely drinkable. Bring that realistic mad scientist atmosphere to any halloween party.Halloween Bubbling Drinkable Potions

Halloween Shopping: Items to Buy for this Bubbling Drinkable Potions project.

1. Dry Ice – Buy Dry ice in the United Kingdom From – (Chillisticks – Dry Ice Pellets in Pack Sizes) We recommend buying 2.5kg: Ideal for home party of up to 20 guests and for cooking applications, but this really depends on how many guest who are coming to this party, Also remember this product will need to be used on the day.

2. Kool-Aid – Buy UK Kool-Aid from ebay – Amazon or tesco. they are cheap, Last price check was 30p at tesco and 23p on amazon.

3. Sugar – You may need to buy at least 3 – 4 bags, depending on the size of the jars you are going to use.

4. 4 – 6 jugs or glass vases depending on how many guest are going.

Give your glass jars wacky naming, Witches blood, or goblins tears. just make sure its child friendly if you have children at this party.

Halloween Bubbling Drinkable Potions

Halloween WarningTime to get your science protective clothes on we are going to create the perfect themed halloween party ever.Note: do not to touch this dry ice without protective gloves, and make sure you use decent put small amount so you do not touch it when you submerge a cup into the water. You will be best using a large bowl spoon to minimize touching the dry ice with your raw skin. Also make sure not to drink it if there is any dry ice bit in the liquid.

This video shows how to add the sugar kool-aid and the dry ice together, to make the Bubbling Drinkable Potions. The results are very satisfying, this is one cool DIY Tip to add to this years party.

Jennifer Valentine

If you are interested in more ideas for you party normal or themed, check out Jennifer Valentines video tube. Plenty of videos showing some very interesting DIY tips and tricks.

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