Halloween Ghosts

Ghost have been known for many names and described by many religion beliefs. But one thing that gets mentioned throughout a sighting is mostly temperature drops and fading sightings. We all have a fear factor for ghost thanks to movies and TV shows. But what is a ghost. What is this paranormal entity, Why do we dress as a ghost for Halloween.


An orb is a sphere of light. You have seen pictures with a dull light sphere moving around. These are spirits, But let not forget spirits can come in many different states, such as figure orbs and many other forms.

Orbs are a vessel for the spirit life form. These orbs are to believe to be people who once lived and now are reappearing in these vessels. These orbs are easy to capture with camera equipment. and you may have seen them in pictures and on videos.


You may have seen ghost in figure form. Either as a memory or as a spirit its self. It is said if you see spirit figures walking through objects. Is a imprint of a memory. This could be something that could happened daily that left an imprint or something that emotionally happened such as terror or joy. Seeing a spirit walking through walls or windows could mean that when that spirit was in alive this could have been a doorway or a pathway.


Poltergeist Is a bad soul. (or in religion talk A Damon). these are entity’s like all. that have a choice to be seen or not seen. But most reports tell of these entity’s of not showing but mostly reporting of a bad smell. these entity’s are allotted different from orbs or ghost figures, as Poltergeist move an object and have the ability to hurt the living.

Ghost for Halloween

With all things, Halloween as been seen as a night of fright. so Ghost fit in just nicely. As with most of us fear ghosts. The Media have a big role in this with creating horror movies for us to spark the idea to have a white sheet thrown over us and for us to look like a wandering ghost.