Halloween Vampires

If anything Vampire are among the top well known costume themes for Halloween. This maybe down to how we have always portrayed the vampire over the years. the media, have gone from a tried scary portrayal theme, to a more present day seductive attractive creature of the night!.

It was well known if you talked about vampires, the thought of your blood being drained of blood would send chills down your back. Even the bram stoker Dracula had a mixture of fear, but with a more seductive ways of portraying a vampire.



But lets not forget vampire go way back to the Greeks. Vampire certainly didn’t have a 6 pack and shine in the sun. as the media portrays them in twilight. even the term vampire did not exist in ancient days.

But back in the ancient days, people spoke of similar action to how we do actually portray a vampire.  This common action that has been with vampires, And that is drinking the blood of the living. To keep their own living evil existence.

In the Greeks and Romans mythology, shows the the daughter of the Goddess Hecate, Empusa, Was seen to be a vampire like creature. She could transform into a seductive woman, and then seduce the men of her choice. to feed upon their blood. Empusa was also known for her to drink blood of young children.

In the European legends and folklore there was many many told story’s of a vampire creatures, But the vampire we dress up like today was not what these creature was seen like back then. it was stated the early day vampires was like a zombie but more intellectual. The one interesting fact about Early Vampire.

No one saw these dead like creatures in action. So it was safe to say, people was more gelable into believing in anything and only made these word up for action that could not be explained. Such as unexplained sudden deaths, or if they dug up graves. And didn’t find what they thought they would find then the corpse name would have being accused of being a vampire. These are just a few example of accusations what flew across the European country’s.

There is one big documented history of a actual vampire. Taken from the 18th century. Their was a man called Arnold Paole. He was a farmer. one day while he was working on the farm. He had a serious accident , which unfortunately killed him. His death. Their was unexplained death happening across the village. when coming to examine these bodies, It was written evidence that there was bloody coming from verias part of the body. Their was reported from villages that they saw Arnold Paole roam the nights before these death did occur.

As with anything, when it get told all the time. that all these unexplained deaths in the village was the wreath of Arnold Paole. so with this in mind, the villages tried to take action and opened his coffin. they know when a body dies, that the body starts to rot.

And its this what they would have thought to have seen in his crave, but what the people actually saw was very shocking to them.  They saw a very bloated body and blood running out of his mouth. But the  superstitious people of this time, had no further knowledge of a body decomposing like we know today. So they assumed he much be this vampire. and because of the bloating of the body and blood from his mouth, they thought he must have recently been out to kill these unexplained corpse.

So now they thought Arnold Paole, was the real deal going around killing these people. and only way they know to kill a vampire. was the drive a stake through the heart of the body, and this is what Arnold got. a stake straight through his corpse.

With blood pouring out of his body wounds, this only fueled the accusations. After all what happened with arnold. anything that could have no been explained then these people would accuse recently dead people and do the exact same procedure to the the decaying body.

As far as we know. we could say that bubonic plague, tuberculosis, or E-Coli. was responsible for the unexplained deaths in these villages. But back in the 18th century this would have not been known.

For hundreds of year we lived in fear of vampires. With unexplained occurrences, and over the time we have added items of such to try repel these vampires, Such as garlic. The cross.  Rosaries, and holy water.

But After years of fear regarding the existence of Vampires. An author named Bram Stoker  in 1897, changed the image of Vampires forever. Overwhelmed with curiosity about vampire and its myths Bram created an epic Vampire story based largely on these myths, but with some notable differences.  The book he wrote was called Dracula.

The vampire we characterize after this book was a seductive man, we strange mystical powers to overwhelm anyone he wished. we stopped seeing vampires as this horrible killing creature we saw him as this sexy icon. with mighty power. this concludes why we use Vampire in Halloween. This half killing and seductive creature with every we have learned above all rolled into one. It fits nicely into Halloween.