Halloween Werewolf

Werewolves half man and half beast. We can thank the European folklore for the existence of Werewolves, It all developed in the medieval period, wolfs was the most feared animals in European continents, aside from man himself), Wolfs would gather as packs and mimic human behaviour,  Now as we saw in vampire, humans was gullible and their imaginations ran wild, when they could not explain certain aspects of things.



This is must be how we got the term werewolves, from. They believed with observing the wolfs that they thought they was men dressed up as a wolf and this is how the term werewolves come from, half beast half man.

There are many explanations for the term werewolf, but the 2 most common explanations are that it is derived from the Old English (weri and wolf), meaning (“wearer of the wolf skin.”), or from the Norse var and wulf, meaning “man wolf.”

Greek mythology tells the story of Lycaon, man who was turned into a wolf after serving human flesh to Zeus.

The Norse had a massive hand in fear spreading of the werewolf throughout European country’s. they told the story’s of  the Vikings, Who had a class of particularly fierce warriors known as Berserkers. These Viking men would ride into battle, that only wore wolf or bears skins and not much else.

The Fear of werewolves was worryingly strong in France and Austria, In these country, there was a huge number of werewolf hunts and trials that was help during the start of the 1500s. It is said that there were 20,000 werewolf trials during that time in France alone. The French scare seems to have ended when it was decided that the supposed werewolves were merely victims of mental illness. In Austria, the scare ended following a ban on witch hunts and the like by the enlightened Empress Maria Theresa.

Werewolves and Halloween

Much of what passes for Halloween werewolf lore today is simply an invention of Hollywood. The 1941 movie starring Lon Chaney as the Wolf Man set the tone for much of what people today “know” about werewolves.

So why do we associate werewolf with Halloween, This would actually be down to the media, Just like bram stoker dracula for vampires, The media took the fear put it on the screen and bam, we have a massive rise into wanting the vampire costumes. But it was more then just showing how a man transformed into beast on full moons, Other things was added to glamour the horizon of the werewolves such as silver bullets, and heightened senses.