Halloween Witch

Witches are one of the main icons of Halloween, Black cats cauldron and broom sticks. There pointy hats and torn clothes. But witches Have a long history way before Halloween. In fact There isn’t much information to go by to say witches we associated with Halloween. But where did the witch come from, and why do we associate them with Halloween.

Witches and witchcraft History


As history shows witches have been around for a long time. There are many told stories about witches and their spells. But it as become adamant when reading about witches that it was down to religion and the fear brought from the priest and the people who practice the bible that brought a bad name.

Go back 200 – 400 years and if you could do something nobody could explain. Then you was deemed a witch. The fear would sweep the towns and villages and people would hunt you down. And burn you at the stake. Over time we have seen this happen, a specially The Salem Witch Trials.

As the story goes, a doctor could not explain. Due to their medical knowledge, A weird mystical illness that comes down to 3 people, Samuel Parris’ daughter Betty, and his niece, Abigail Williams in 1691. It caused them to have strange seizures or if anything fits where their bodies would flail about wildly. The doctors diagnosed them as bewitched. It was spreading the village that these girls as a spell put upon them. This is when the accusations were flying around.

The most obvious people were the ones who got accused. The people who could not defend themselves. Or have a say of their innocence. There was a woman, called a tibute Indian slave who was the first women to be accused of putting a spell on these girls. She didn’t get burnt nor hanged but put in jail. They were hoping for her to admit that she was a witch.

The the accusations fled to other local women, including a homeless woman who was dying of starvation. Another woman called Sarah Osborne was accused for witchcraft for the evidence of her not attending church for weeks. Eventually all these women were executed  for supposedly practising witchcraft. With all trails that ended with the execution. Not one woman admitted practising witchcraft.

It was stated that over 200 people was accused wrongly in the trails. In the late 1692 the trails were called for the end. The accused prisoner was freed, and was made to pay for the food they had eaten in prison.

Halloween and witches

The witch is one of the most popular and recognizable icons for Halloween. For 10s of thousands of years, Greeks, Romans, Celtics as well as Stone Age people believed of sorcerers, magicians and witchcraft. Anthropologists say that they were only an early form of what we call today a scientist. The reason why? Even today the scientist is the person who knows more than the regular man about chemicals, biology, character, medicine, etc. Whatever his unique field. Although we don’t worship the scientist today, they did back many years ago.

Our ancestors on Samhain, thought the magic spells, charms, and predictions were especially powerful as a result of all those roaming roaming spirits. They felt the spirits would help find the results they wanted such as healing, falling in love, fertility and wealth.

Sorcerer back then was very wise in knowing about the special herbs and plants, even animal parts that were believed to be magical. So knowledge is power. It still is today and it was being back then. The knowledge of these sorcerer’s was kept strictly confidential in support of passed down in families or even among people they highly trusted. As a result, the sorcerer’s wisdom was the secret. This is how we find the word, “Occult” which means “hidden. ” The magic was hidden knowledge of herbal medicines. And, and even to this day many special secrets about plants and animals, are still only distributed to inner families and close relying friends

This is also where the word “Witch” comes from. Inside the Wicca religion it means “wise one” It was heard that the Witch’s potions and brews were thought to have magical mystical powers. Because only the witch knew the secrets about them.

There were 2 major witches Sabbaths during the year. One was April 30 (the Eve of May Day) and also the day of mating. And another on October 31, the morning for hunting and celebrating this capture of animals. The nearly all sacred spots for these parties were Puyde Dome, France; Blocula, Sweden along with Hartz, Germany. By the tenth century, Wiccan beliefs became widely used than Christianity.

Ironically, this is often why a false stereotype, not only because many female witches were beautiful (and deemed seductive); but some witches have been also mean. It seems that only in the Witch cult did women possess equality, which at that time was not going on anywhere else.

At witches gathering, the women did most  maybe all of the cooking for everyone. This is how you get the image of women standing over a brewing cauldron cooking or brewing medical herbs for making cures for illness. When outsiders peeked in, they saw the women on the kettles and said they have been making witches brew.