Hangman & Gallows Prop For Halloween

Hangman & Gallows Prop is one of them things that would wow even the people who hate halloween. There comes a time when you want to change everything in your garden/yard this halloween, well let me show this realistic looking DIY Halloween Hangman & Gallows Prop it moves, and here are 2 videos showing how to make one.

Hangman & Gallows Prop

I must say, if i did this on my street, here in the UK. I think everyone on the street would call the police. I mean, This cool Prop looks so realistic and the moving of the hanged man looks like he is really struggling.

For this prop your going to need to get a lot of wood, and old scraps. The videos will explain all so be prepared to go shopping or hunting or even both.

The gallows you are going to need the following:

A drill
4×4 Posts
1/4 x4 Large Screws
Thick Rope
Thick Hook Screw

We recommend you watch the Gallows Video First then the second video. We have put them in viewing order so you don’t get too confused. We also recommend you secure this to the ground if you live in windy locations, May Be secure with slabs or to a deck flooring, This will give it extra secureness from wind and if anyone tries to rob off with it, Both elements would have an hard time.

Make A Hangman & Gallows Prop

This video Shows you How to make your own Gallow.

This DIY video Shows you how to put up the gallow, and the dummy.

Hollywood Haunter

Go Check Out Hollywood Haunters, for more DIY Halloween prop videos for inspiration this halloween. There DIY Halloween videos are easy to follow, and i must admit, these videos would give any halloween garden/yard a touch up.

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