Hologram Ghosts Halloween Decoration Idea

Want to turn your Standard house into a super awesome Haunted house? I am going to introduce to AtmosFX Digital Decorations – Hologram Ghosts Halloween Decoration. Not only would this look extreme spooky in the house it would also bring your garden/yard to life.

Imagine trick-or-treaters walking past and they saw a ghost in the window. Or You wanted to trick your neighbours and they would fall gullible to seeing shadows or a ghost appear in your upstairs windows. Either way this is one awesome decoration prop you need this halloween.

Hologram Ghosts Halloween Decoration Idea

Halloween Shopping: Items to buy for Hologram Ghosts Halloween Decoration

1. – A Projector, Find one with minim 1,800 lumens, you need something with better brightness, If you have a small area you will need a projector with wide lens.

2. – Mesh, the finer this is the better the results.

This video dives straight into the ins and out of the material and projectors you need.

Hologram Ghosts Halloween Decoration

In this video show how to set up everything in one go, Gives you techniques and best practice to use to make your hologram super awesome.

The end results are very very realistic, and would make it hard for none believers to deny anything they see. Your imagination can run wild, have them in the garden or in the windows. Or even walls in the house for a halloween party, The choice is yours.

Everything you see above is all made possible from AtmosFX Digital Decorations, it is worthy to note, that this can get very pricey as you progress with this project, remember to shop around, and use AtmosFX Digital Decorations for dvds and download.

If you have done this project or planning on doing it this halloween, we would love to see the end results on our Halloween Facebook Page, bob along and say hello and show the world your ultimate creation.
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