Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Trick or Treating Safety Tips

“Trick or treat” A phrase millions of children shout with hope to get sweets or money on Halloween night. Before your little devils and monsters go trick or treating, you need to keep in mind these trick or treating safety tips to make sure the night is full of magic and fun.

Halloween Costume Safety

The right costumes.
With latest costumes that drape on the floor these can trip up little feet these costumes get caught up on pathway debris such as twigs leaves and bushes. This would result into the child not enjoying trick or treating and wanting to completely take the costume off. Remember to make sure the customer does not drag on the floor. For a comfortable Halloween costume, make sure you choose colour-fast Halloween costumes just encase it rains on the night and the colour doesn’t run onto other clothes. Also that the costume is flame resistant.

Fit for the job.
Ideally Children Don’t want to be stopping because their shoes has come off or they feel very uncomfortable. So it wouldn’t be practical in letting them go in the plastic shoes or high heeled boots. An ideal shoe would be comfortable trainers for boys or girls or pumps shoes, flat base and not with small heels.

The scary mask needs to work.
Make sure to fully checkout scary masks allowing full visibility and breathing. Some masks only for small eye slit and mouth openings and some just have either one. Don’t worry about getting them to try on for size and adjust to make sure they have full view and are able to breathe. These serious trick or treaters need to be comfortable. Make sure the mask is easy to put on and take off, look for half masks as these are ideal for easy removing.

The scary makeup.
Ideal if you are not wanting your child to wear mask, the best and most effective way to get them looking the part this Halloween is the makeup. Be sure to look out for the non-toxic makeup. and only look to use only hypoallergenic makeup. be-sure to read all labels before applying anything to your child skin to avoid any allergic reactions.

Avoid the authentic accessories.
To be safe and sound this Halloween and not to confuse other people, Do not carry accessories that look authentic, such as fake swords, Guns, Knives or anything similar. Make sure the Halloween accessories you do allow your child to take or not sharp or hard or even heavy. Remember trick or treating is a family fun evening, and everyone should enjoy it without getting accused or hurt.

Be seen not hidden.
This would be the utmost first job to organise when planning your child’s trick or treating night, Make sure you child is wearing something lit, Such as a flash-light, glow products, like bracelets or necklace age appropriate, any reflective tape around the spooky Halloween costume. Another idea are the light up shoes that twinkle when they walk – Basically Anything goes as long  as its noticeable and not too bright.

Halloween Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Plan your trick or treat route.
On Halloween eve, plan the route somewhere not too remote and closer to home. check it during the halloween day for obstacles, such as any roadworks or path dug up, Make sure its clear for your little trick or treaters so they will not trip up. Ideal if you have a long street, with houses on both sides and make sure its well lit. Only allow them to trick or treat with streets you as a parent are comfortable with.

Keep the time appropriate.
As a suggestion anything between 5 and 7 for little ones, and if you allow your older kids go out anything up to 8 half 8. These time would be ideal to keep everyone safe sound. we all know how fun it can be getting sweets and money or whatever else are on offer. but these times help in many ways.

Keep contact.
With today’s technology mobile phones are the norm, so if your older child is out trick or treating, let them take a phone, and extra money for a pay phone just in case of emergency.

Don’t be too curious.
Make sure you go to house that are either decorated for Halloween and well lit. Don’t go to houses that have the lights out. Respect people property, If they don’t answer move on to the next potential house.

Keep hydrated and cool.
Trick or treating is still classed as an exercise so make sure water is taken if you are thirsty and that if you are too hot sit down on a bench if nearby for a 5 10 minutes rest.

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